Wednesday, May 6, 2015

And We're Back.....

It's been just under a year since my last blog post. Why? I was just lazy and didn't feel like blogging about my training sessions. That's it. But hey, I am back, so it's on now!

OK, so after my competition in June 2013, I thought I was going to compete that fall in a couple of shows but that never happened, yet I continued to train, train, train until early-October 2014, when I decided that it was time for me to take a break from the gym. By that point, I was starting to experience aches and pains in my left elbow and right shoulder; the shoulder pain was my main concern because the last thing I want is a shoulder injury. I began a break from the gym that would last for about seven months and in that time I would pay visits to the chiropractic team at Sport and Spine Rehab for preventative therapy and rehab. Fast forward to early-March of this year and I resumed training at a soft and relatively weak 155 lbs but by late-April my body weight had bumped up to 172 lbs and my strength was back to normal. Both my weight and my strength continue to climb and given that it is only May and my next competition is tentatively in March 2016, I have a good eight months left in this off-season to grow and condition any new muscle that I build; my goal is to compete between 185 and 190 lbs.

So I am back to bodybuilding and back to blogging about it, so stay tuned for my training, nutrition, and supplement updates, and all things related to my most loved sport. Friend me on Facebook, double-tap my photos on Instagram, and follow me on Twitter. I have not decided if I will be posting any new videos on my YouTube channel but if/when I decide to, you will read about it here first.

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