Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hammer Curls For Thicker Arms

While the barbell curl is considered to be the king of biceps exercises, I actually prefer the hammer curl when it comes to adding size to my arms. Why? The barbell curl, while very effective, has always been the type of biceps exercise that exhausted my front delts way before my biceps. I realized years ago that anatomically barbell curls were not going to be the exercise to give me the big arms that I wanted, so I found an alternative: Hammer Curls.

I know for a fact that hammer curls has given my arms their three-dimensional look because an arm gets its overall size by developing the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles. What good is having peaked biceps if they are shallow and flat in relaxed poses on stage or when you are on the street trying to rock a too-small t-shirt? If the old adage "size matters" is true, then try some hammer curls as a means to add some inches to your arms. I like to perform three to five sets with an 8-15 rep range and I prefer to do them seated to minimize the use of momentum to lift the weight.

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