Sunday, September 18, 2016

2016 Mr. Olympia Top-10 Predictions {Final Standings}

A few days ago, I posted my top-10 prediction for the 2016 Mr. Olympia contest. Let's see how close I was to the final standings!

10th - Justin Compton {predicted Kevin Levrone; didn't have Compton in top-10)

9th - Josh Lenartowicz {prediction correct}

8th - Dallas McCarver {predicted William Bonac; didn't have McCarver in top-10}

7th - Cedric McMillan {predicted Victor Martinez; Cedric for 5th spot)

6th - Roelly Winklaar {predicted Justin Compton; didn't have Winklaar in top-10}

5th - William Bonac {predicted Cedric McMillan}

4th - Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy {prediction correct}

3rd - Dexter Jackson {predicted Shawn Rhoden}

2nd - Shawn Rhoden {predicted Phil Heath}

1st - Phil Heath {predicted Dexter Jackson}

So Dexter did NOT end up the eventual winner; he didn't even land in the runner-up spot and Heath nabbed his sixth straight Sandow! My predictions were just a hair off but everyone fell right in place with a few surprise finishes such as William Bonac's 5th place (up three spots from 2015), Dallas McCarver's 8th place (up five spots from 2015), and of course Jackson's 3rd place (down one spot as pegged as winner). Also, it was good to see Kevin Levrone make a return to the Mr. O stage. Even though he is a shadow of his former self, the guy is still a legend and is obviously loved by fans and peers alike. I wonder what the 2017 edition of the Mr. Olympia will bring.....


  1. Awesome predictions. You were very close. It goes to show the talent and the art recognition you have.

    1. I absolutely love bodybuilding and study the physiques in the sport with unmatched passion. This Mr. Olympia was great BUT it would be nice to see a new champion be crowned soon.


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