Monday, January 14, 2013

Back To Business!

Ya know, for a couple of weeks, I really did fall off the wagon a bit.  My training days were inconsistent and don't let me get started on my nutrition and supplementation-it was all in the crapper for a lack of a better term!  I wasn't too hard on myself about it because I wasn't failing totally at making things happen but still, I know that I could be and need to be doing better.  I really can not afford to be lazy and suffer the consequences as a result of such actions.  My goal of competing this year and doing well is all left up to me firing on all cylinders and ridding myself of pointless reasons for excuses allowed!  With that being said.....

I woke my butt up at 5 am and was downing my first meal of the day by 5:30 am while watching the local news.  At 9 am, after a few more hours of rest, I was back up to drink a high-calorie protein shake.  At 12 pm I sucked down my BSN N.O.Xplode pre-workout drink and by 12:40 pm I was in the gym blastin' through an intense leg training session with my training partner Tyree!  I stared off the day with complete focus and I plan to end it all the same.  I know this is what it takes to be a winner...once again, no excuses allowed!  I'm back in business and it's time to cruise into victory lane!

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