Friday, July 17, 2015

Kai Greene's Unforgettable Posing Routine [VIDEO]

There was a time in competitive bodybuilding, when the art of a finely choreographed posing routine was just as important as the competitor's muscle mass, symmetry, and definition! During the early years of the sport, pretty much all competitors took great pride in practicing their posing and showcasing a routine was both professional and theatrical-something that would make spectators marvel in amazement. Throughout the 70's, 80's, and 90's, a handful of bodybuilders made it their aim to bring polished posing routines to the stage; their transitions and stamina were seemingly effortless.

Unfortunately, a few years after the turn of the new millennium, there was a shift in posing routines. It appeared that more and more competitors no longer really cared to present a properly choreographed display of their physique. Instead, we were seeing more and more competitors walking from one end of the stage to the other with blaring rock or rap music in the background, hitting most-muscular shots with their tongues hanging out (it's still happening in 2015). At this point, very few competitors were really performing routines that captured the audience based on originality, style, professionalism, and poise-even more so once the posing round was no longer judged, therefore becoming a non-factor in competition points.

In comes Brooklyn, New York's Kai Greene. Even though he'd been an IFBB professional bodybuilder since 2004 and competed four times between 2005 and 2006, most of the bodybuilding world had never really heard of Kai Greene until he showed up at the 2007 New York Pro and performed a posing routine that brought those in the audience to their feet in a massive round of applause (see video below). Using Michael Jackson's 'Dirty Diana' as his song of choice, Kai moved around on stage using the most incredible theatrical transitions never before seen, elevating the posing routine game like nobody's business! It was Greene's posing routines at the 2007 New York Pro, Keystone Classic, and Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic (which he won) that made people really take notice of, not only his posing skills, but his physique; for once as a pro, people were taking him seriously! If you follow bodybuilding, then of course you know Kai is currently the second best pro bodybuilder in the world, having placed runner-up behind Phil Heath in three consecutive Mr. Olympia showings. With a number of notable victories under his belt, it's safe to say that Kai Greene has come a long way since placing nearly dead last in his earlier days a pro bodybuilder. Let's toast to Kai L. Greene for being the one that brought life back to posing routines and making it look hella cool!

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