Monday, March 4, 2013

What A Difference One Meal Makes!

Well it's been a little while folks.  Haven't really felt like posting too much on my blog-I mean, how many of my workouts can I really post before you become bored with my point!?  Yep, so that's that!  Let me see...the first competition is June 22, 2013 and I am feeling good about how things are going but of course, the room for improvement is never complete right?  I've been trying to get the most out of each and every training session.  I am constantly looking for new ways to push myself so that I can keep growing.  Little things like supplement cycling has been helping a bit as I get to see that my body is just as productive without the inclusion of certain supplements-I still feel they help tremendously though, so they will always be in the mix.  But today in particular I squeezed in one more meal than usual before my afternoon training session (today was shoulders and biceps) and I must say that for a fact the added calories, protein, and carbs gave me just the boost that I needed to steamroll through my workout!  The pumps were superior, the intensity was immeasurable, and the strength was unending; it all felt great!  This is just what I needed in order to boost my confidence in the gym and to help remind me of exactly why I am doing this: to win!  In the quest to grow continually throughout the remainder of this 2013 off-season (I have about nine more weeks left), I am going to eat six or seven meals per day as opposed to five or six.  Even if that extra "meal" just happens to be a high calorie protein shake, I will use it to provide all of the macros needed to keep improving.  I mean, everything is coming together very well.  The muscle density is really starting to set in and there is clear separation in my muscle groups.  I still don't know what my weight is but the mirror is giving me great feedback and the mirror never lies!  I just gotta keep training hard and eating more.....we gonna get there!

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