Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Journey: About Nine Weeks Out!

Hello good folks!

Been a couple of weeks since I have reached out to you all.

Just wanted you all to know that we are track to have a victorious showing on June 22nd at the NPC Maryland East Coast Classic Championships.  I just found out the August show that I was planning to do is no more, so after the June show, I will set my sights on my November 9th Jay Cutler Classic where I plan to nab my second bodybuilding title of 2013.

At this point in my prep, I am cruising into the show.  For the most part my focus is muscular detail because my body fat is already very low...probably about 7%.  My condition at nine weeks out, is where most guys are at four weeks out, so I am able to get away with eating a pizza or burger as a means to keep my muscles full.  It won't be until the first week of May that I begin to eat a bit more food so that I can "grow" into the competition. Right now I am eating about five to six times a week but come early-May, I will bump that up to seven to eight meals a day.  I will incorporate the red meats and talapia from Eat To Grow and my whey protein options will come from innovative sports supplement company IsaGenix.

I will also doing my contest prep this year.  I am big on planning and detail, so I spent this past weekend outlining my entire contest prep from six weeks out all the way up to the final hours of the show.  I know exactly how long my low-carb period will last.  I know when to increase my carb and water intake in the week as a means to fill out my muscles without spilling over or bloating.  I know when I will start dehydrating so that I can pull all of the water from under my skin and display clear and crisp muscular detail on Saturday.  The science of peak conditioning is all about timing in all manners of the prep.  Before all of that takes place, I have to make sure that I am pushing myself in the gym and making sure that every training session counts for more than just a little!

I am excited to be competing again very soon.  It really does feel good to be on this journey with so much support from family and friends-people who have witnessed my struggles.  The things that I have been through have only made me stronger and more resilient like those before me, so I have no other option but to continue giving it all that I can and get these wins, not just for me but for everyone else!

Stay tuned!

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