Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sample Off-Season Training Split [Update]

So, since I have switched to my new split where I am training four days per week and not five, I've noticed that my body has responded tremendously!  I believe that the response is due mainly to the fact that I am actually conserving more calories and getting more rest, so my body is growing lean muscle mass a little better-it feels great too!  In case you have to be reminded of the new four-day split that I am using, it is listed below.

DAY 1: Back

DAY 2: Chest, Biceps


DAY 4: Legs

DAY 5: Shoulders, Triceps


DAY 7: Repeat with DAY 1

Something else that is unique about this split is that I am able to train a lot more based on how I feel.  Technically, I am scheduled to take a day off between chest, biceps and legs but more often than not, I train straight through-even training four days in a row before I take a day or two off to rest.  In the end, this new split is going to yield great results, I just know it is!  Once pre-contest training resumes, I will go back on a five-day training split.  In the meantime, I am growing!

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