Wednesday, June 26, 2013

No Victory Too Small!

When I competed last Saturday (June 22, 2013) at the NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic Championships, I couldn't have left the venue with a greater sense of accomplishment!  Being away from competitive bodybuilding for nine years only to return and place in the top-five at one of the most successful regional shows in the Mid-Atlantic is just a profound monument for me.  I've competed in other large NPC shows but this was the first time that I have ever secured a top-five placing, convincingly earning my proud moment!

More than just an achievement, the show also helped me to learn a lot about where I stack up with the competition and honestly, the landscape hasn't changed all that much in nine years.  I felt like I held my own very well.  I went up against some great athletes-athletes that were just as committed as I to bring their best to the stage in an effort to win the whole shebang!  Yes, I went into this show with the intent to win the entire thing but after pre-judging, I took time to be a realist and when that happened, I realized that I would not win the entire thing...but a top-five placing would be a victory for me.  I tell ya, when my number (169) was called to perform my posing routine for the evening show, I was ready to breakdance back stage!  A top-five spot was now guaranteed and of course when the chips fell, I was in fifth place and satisfied with the outcome!  I got my sword (as you can see in the pic below) and plenty of pats on the back from those who love and support my yeah, mission accomplished!

Up next is the NPC Jay Cutler Classic taking place in Baltimore, Maryland on November 9th.  I am expecting the competition at that show to be a bit steeper because....well, it's Jay Cutler and who wouldn't want to win his show!!!?  Over the next couple of weeks I will do more light training and just eat to maintain but come July 15th, I will move right back into heavier training and more frequent meals to fill out a bit.  I would like to enter the Cutler Classic a few pounds heavier with better conditioning than what I displayed at the MD State/East Coast Classic and hopefully that package will help me to move up a notch or two in the final placings.  I will take the experience from last weekend and use it as a means to grow and become better and end up the champion that I know I can be.

Let me end this post by thanking God Almighty for blessing me with mental, physical, and spiritual strength so that I can press on with my dreams amidst trials and tribulations.  Thank you to my late-father Marlon Langford Sr. (01.05.1955-02.12.2013) who has always been my inspiration to be the best at what I do in life. Thank you to all of my real life and online friends and family who rallied behind me and kept me motivated on this journey.  And thank you to Isagenix for providing great products that were very much a part of a successful contest prep.

Stay tuned folks...from here, we go up!

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  1. Love it marcus its was worth the trip. I love the performance you will continue to do great things in the future God bless you.


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