Saturday, August 24, 2013

Time To Experiment: Legs Edition

When I got back into training for bodybuilding in 2009, I came out the gate training quads and hamstrings on the same day, but in a matter of months I felt the need to separate the muscle groups.  In general, I felt like doing so lead to better overall development of my legs as I was able to give both muscle groups priority on their respected training days.  But I have to admit, I feel the need for a change, so I am thinking about combining quads and hamstrings again...just for a few months to see if I experience noticeable improvements.  This could very well be the one thing I need in order to continue seeing growth, so I am excited about the potential results.

The other reason why I like(d) splitting up quads and hamstrings is because each training session was kept to about 45-60 minutes.  I am hoping that when I experiment with the combination, I will be able to keep the training sessions in the 75-90 minute range.  I will also mix up the order of what muscle group I will train-some days, I will front load hamstrings and other days, I will lead with quads.  As the old adage goes, time will tell.  Stay tuned folks!

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