Monday, January 6, 2014

Leg Training | 01.06.14

Got some good leg training in earlier today.  I decided to mix things up a bit by not sticking to any particular order-I literally jumped back and forth between quad and hamstring exercises the entire session.  I did low-volume heavy training as well just to keep my leg muscles strong and as a means to prep them for the Phase 2 of my off-season beginning in early-February.  But today, I just did a lot of crazy stuff while sticking to the basic exercises just to stimulate the muscles.  Check out what I did for legs below.

Warm Up
17 min Treadmill [incline: 15-30, speed range: 2.5-3.5]

Leg Extensions
30 x 30 x 4
[10 reps one leg at a time, 10 reps alternating, 10 reps both legs (2 sec. squeeze at top)]

Seated Hamstring Curls
50 x 20 x 4
[Backrest pulled forward so that my legs are half way off of seat. Three (3) sec. squeeze at bottom for last five reps]

Glute Kickback Machine
70 x 12 x 3

Smith Machine Squats
135 x 10 x 2
225 x 7 x 7

Leg Press
450 x 10 x 7 [FST-7 protocol]

Dumbbell Stiff-Leg Deadlifts
50 x 20 x 3

Horizontal Toe Press
155 x 100 x 1
[Full stretch and contraction for the calves]

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