Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Back, Abs Training | 06.16.15

OK, so I was actually supposed to train shoulders and abs today but I got things mixed up-this is a new schedule that I am trying to get used to. So instead of shoulders, I did back and abs (of course). It was another sweaty training session; I'm talking soaked shirt, hand towel, and wrist straps and mannn was I winded-felt like someone swift kicked me in the chest a few times today. I killed it though, so as always, mission accomplished!

[ BACK ]
Close-Grip Pulldowns (using V-Bar)
130 lbs x 15
150 lbs x 15
160 lbs x 12
170 lbs x 10
170 lbs x 10, 140 lbs x 10, 110 lbs x 10, 80 lbs x 10, 50 lbs x failure (drop set)

D-Bar Wide-Grip Seated Cable Rows

150 lbs x 15
170 lbs x 15
190 lbs x 12
200 lbs x 12, 100 lbs x 10 (drop set)

Barbell Rows (underhand grip)

185 lbs x 15 x 3

One-Arm Dumbbell Rows

70 lbs x 15
80 lbs x 12 x 2

Behind-the-Neck Pulldowns
105 lbs x 15 (I didn't use a lot of weight and opted to focus on the squeeze of the upper back area at bottom of movement)

[ ABS ]
Decline Bench Crunches
20 reps x 3 sets

Hanging Leg Raises
15 reps x 3 sets


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